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Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2017

Saturday 3rd-Sunday 4th July 2017 was the weekend of Yorkshire Cosplay Con. My second ever con, and a step up from my first con experience, going from one day to two days. Jack (my partner, and table companion extraordinaire) and I traveled up to sunny Sheffield on the Friday afternoon and enjoyed a relaxed evening exploring the city and watching Wonder Woman at the cinema.

We got an Uber from our hotel to the venue bright and early Saturday morning and attempted to find our table space in the main arena. It turned out we were upstairs on the concourse which wasn’t something we were warned about beforehand (so nowhere near the main arena). The signage up to the concourse was very poor and the footfall was low. A lot of customers we spoke to hadn’t even realised that there were tables upstairs. On the plus side our row, my table neighbors, were absolutely LOVELY and really made the day a lot of fun. The fact that it was quiet (being away from the main stage) meant we could have actual conversations, and customers tended to linger a while longer at tables. Everyone we spoke to, customers and other artists alike, were so kind and supportive. At the end of the Saturday a group of artists rallied together and asked the management if we could be moved. Sunday morning we were moved to the main arena, hooray!

What a difference it made being downstairs oh my god. The atmosphere was completely different, full of good energy and the sounds of Jason Paige (the voice behind the original Pokemon theme song..!) having the time of his life on the main stage several feet to our right. Even though it was Sunday, which I’m told are much quieter compared to Saturdays at cons, I made twice as much in sales, which was shocking! Because I didn’t know any better (first time at YCC) I wasn’t miffed about being shoved out of the way until I realised exactly what we were missing out on the day before.

Regardless I still had so much fun on both days, and I’m happy to have met so many wonderful people there, whose faces I’m hoping to see at future conventions. It was a pleasant surprise to sell out of some stickers (goodbye, Space Dad!) and prints, and I nearly cleared the table of my new art book Birthstone Magical Girls, which I was so happy about. I will definitely be going back next year, but I will make sure to confirm that the table will be in the main arena. The only reasons for stating this even happened in the first place is purely a heads up for anyone who’s considering tabling at YCC in the future, just to double check what you’re getting 🙂

Final highlight of the weekend: Russian ice bear hugs from Nolla!

Russian ice bear hugs

I finally feel brave enough to apply to London MCM Comic Con in October, but I will be going for a dealers table because, y’know, fanart. For the time being that is the only other convention I’m planning to table at this year. Cross your fingers for me!

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