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Yorkshire Geek Fest 2017

By April 23, 2017Conventions


Yorkshire Geek Fest 2017 was my first ever experience selling at a convention. Ever since visiting cons as an attendee for the first time last year (from the gentle, friendly Comica Comiket to the vast, overwhelming world of MCN London Comic Con) I knew it was something I wanted to try my hand at. I got to work around May 2016 to begin expanding my range of products on offer, and set myself the goal of making one new product a month (aka, one new print, one new sticker set etc). This is all the time left over at the end of the week from my day job would allow me, but I felt it was manageable and it allowed me to have fun making the merch, rather than stressing over impossible deadlines.

I wanted my first convention to be small, so Yorkshire Geek Fest was perfect for this. A one-day event, in a sleepy town in South Yorkshire, it was extremely quiet (…maybe too quiet – a lot of other vendors I spoke to regarded it to be perhaps the quietest show they’ve sold at, and won’t be going back for that reason), but it allowed me the time to see what was and wasn’t working, plus I got to speak to some really lovely folk, and soak up some of the atmosphere.

Aims for future cons include trying to build some more height on my table, and get a professional banner sorted..!

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